Sexy Trees

Really this could be a legendary evening of absurd challenges and strength development unparalleled in previous lives. Like we said it's about the sheer animal pleasure of movement. And the primal, like-a-child joy of exuberant output.  Do you remember what it was like to sprint, to open your self up and completely lose it, beaming, laughing, speechless and just totally alive? I see it daily in our two year old in his lapping the living room coffee table or jumping from "towers" (poufs) in the breezeway room.

U   n   a   d   u   l   t   e   r   a   t   e   d     action.

Keep in mind, that at root, Zenso events act as strength education :

  • Learn about and practice the Great Eight movement patterns

  • Learn about and experience what we call Complex City

  • Lose "self" in Bubboki Dazo

  • Get through Antagoyum 

  • Feel ordinary magic in The Corpse Pose

  • Last but not least celebrate being

Of course Sexy Trees can also be:

  • Instant dope​

  • Imposition that signals growth

  • Poetry as the sun sets

  • A breath of fresh air

  • A helluva training sesh

  • Just where you want to be

Where? East Portal Park, East Sac

When? Wednesday, March 20th, 4:30pm - 6pm

Why? Why not!

How much? $50 per individual

After party? Kan Jam and general shenanigans at Ice Mom's.

Questions? Email