The 8 months I spent training Butterworth style was the strongest I have ever been in my entire life and the most quality training I have ever had. He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and knows how to get results. No practice is ever boring and he crafted the chance for me to know myself every time – in just the way that was right for me.

Julie Crawford, Davis, CA

The idea of bootcamp was super intimidating to me on my first day of “practice”. I work out a lot but had never done a formal “bootcamp.” Luckily David was leading it and it wasn’t a bootcamp at all – it was a blast! We worked hard, and smart – and got an incredible training effect each time, but mainly had a ton of fun. He was available for nutritional thoughts, which was a huge bonus, but he never told you what to do – instead offering alternative perspectives for you to check out on your own if you were into it. Our group became a little family and something I always looked forward to doing instead of dreading “working out.”

Danielle Tomlinson, Austin, TX

I am a fairly active person, but before this, working out and going to the gym felt like a chore; it was monotonous and unfulfilling. I didn’t realize health could be fun until I began doing “Zenso”. It’s relaxed, positive, and motivating. When I’m here I am rewarded by feeling physically AND mentally stronger. Butter is genuine, experienced and always willing to address questions I have related to training, nutrition, etc. Now instead of dreading the gym, I look forward to flying around outside!

Brianne O'Rourke, Sacramento, CA

Dave is the epitome of “fitness” and “fitness training”. Not only does his training yield results, but each session is a transfer of knowledge, teaching you how and why the exercises are effective. Most importantly, Dave makes strength training fun and engaging, so a practice is no big deal. I recommend Dave without hesitation and would still be training with him today if we were in the same city.

Andrew Rutkowski, Austin, TX

Most of my life I have struggled with “diet and exercise,” and was overweight well into my early 20’s.  One day I decided to make a conscious change in the way I lead my life and began living a healthy active lifestyle. However, I felt as though my workout regimen reached a plateau. After, training with David over the last year I have gained strength, mobility, and confidence. I am finally realizing the changes in my body that I thought were unattainable. It doesn’t happen overnight, it is what you put into it, and David regularly reminds you “abs are made in the kitchen.” Zenso is never boring. It’s fun, energetic and inspiring. The thought never crosses my mind, “I’ll just go next time.” Because you never know what you’re going to miss! Zenso is more than just a community, it is a state of mind.

Sara Garcia, Sacramento, CA

David Butterworth is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He not only is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of strength training, but he has a unique way of tapping into each individual’s motivating factors to maximize results. I would recommend David to anyone I cared about who wants a positive experience in training.

Ananda Moss-Byas, Austin, TX

As a former professional athlete I was looking for elite training to help take my now amateur game to the next level. After only a few sessions training under David’s direction I had the technique, tools, and confidence to play and compete at a fitness level unmatched in my previous career!

Nate Boyden, Davis, CA