by Zenso

Lots of walking.

Walking? Yes.


But this stroll will be imaginatively blended with seemingly random bouts of voluptuous power, each explosive dash or act of bravura serving simply as perhaps an unexpectedly devilish yet delicious representation of youthful expressivity, in nature.

In other words: a dance of casually rambling bliss and strategically interspersed jolts

of rather stimulating, dynamic action. 

Designed thoughtfully with regard to adaptions (and revelry).

Expect every experience to include:

  • the unusual

  • a fresh location

  • varied layouts

  • intelligent but wild guidance

  • six to nine instances of "What have I gotten myself into?!"

  • learning to espouse creativity, energy, and strength

  • optional "Quiet Style"


Probably, although minimalist versions (or none at all) are totally acceptable.



Email to save a spot and get all the curvy details. 


Every 2nd Friday evening @ 6:13pm. Drop the pebble. 


Included free if you are a member of Dynamosa. $30 per sesh, if not.