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Training for the life that isn't boring.

RunWild is an 88 minute, full-body, intervalistic strength trip, strategically blending chill and thrill.


@ THE River Walk







Is RunWild an education?

Direct experience outside boxes tends to confer all kinds of magic, so yes. It's also a celebration.

Why is it for me?

It looks like we're headed into the post-apocalyptic west or something. If you want to empower yourself for peace amidst the madness, and freedom to enjoy the jazz, then let's get banded.


To borrow a bit from Camus, do not follow because I may not lead, do not lead because I may not follow, just walk beside me and be my friend.


If you can traverse hills / stairs or otherwise undulant terrain with relative joy (and a bit of adaptability), fantastic.

What should I expect?

  • memorable outing

  • thoughtful design

  • dynamic effect(s)

  • seasoned support

  • laughter

  • camaraderie

  • variability to the usual

  • fresh ideas to take home

  • go-at-your-own-pace feel

  • atmosphere of gratitude

  • several instances of "What have I gotten myself into?!"

When is the next RunWild event?

These events will run most Saturday mornings. Check out the calendar above! And remember- the church of being outside and romping with friends is always OPEN!!!


As if it weren’t enough to stroll through interesting surroundings with others (an act which consumes more energy than less engaging and more repetitive forms of “exercise”), we also will be building voluptuous features while getting high off the tops of lively ascents, and reveling in the afterburn of dense, usable muscles.

Anything else?

Better looking naked bodies probable. Comfortable clothing encouraged. Minimalist footwear welcome. Palpable vibes assured.

Membership options?

Coming soon!!!

Still have questions? Email us: Butterworth.strong@gmail.com

Is                     a race?

Rat-race obsession with numbers and competition, along with fad diets and endurance-related nonsense, are killing human fitness. It's time to get away from the commercially driven "health" [s]industry, and away from Platonic, reductionist views of the organism, and into some things as basic as biological energy and cooperation, so that we can actually begin again to enjoy the process, and cultivate real, robust living. In other words, it's not a race!

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