Yin Yin Yin Yin Yin Yang

An intervalistic, philosophical underpinning of "RunWild":

I want to urge you to wait, even if you think it's time to do your next sprint (or your next lift), to wait even longer, until you are easily or laughingly holding conversation, or breathing so quietly through just your nostrils that you feel almost as if not breathing at all, until you're really ready to jaunt again and with an exceptional degree of power.

If, however, you do buck the waiting and haste through your next "set" because you see others starting up or going by, or if you slop upward only because you feel somehow not okay while simply resting, reposing, then maybe think about what you're training by going at whatever it is, in a mediocre or half-output way.

Just think: by resting and resting some more, by being in the mode of chill for a while before thrill, you may refuel your capacity for liveliness to a point where the creatine phosphate and [even the] glycolytic pathways are ready to be reengaged with spunk...

In other words if you are ready after a patient break to romp with dynamism, to play as it were with a kind of passion, then here there is the potential in training to habituate a body that really moves, an ass that is really capable of doing stuff. But more so, how fun!

To be tapping into the fast-twitch, deeply protective, engine muscles, and with gratitude, this a kind of dope that can actually make you look as sexy as you feel.

Repeatedly, I totally encourage you to rest following these bursts of intelligence, to chill and watch with humor or love or both, that extended state of yin which is just as intelligent, before turning into some wild representation of life once again.

Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Go! Or even Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Goooooo!

A Butter Disclaimer:

What you've read here is opinion - that it's probably more worth your time and efforts to sprint like a beautiful or crazy beast up these steps or those, and for not that long, than to jog along for a longer, hardly effectual duration. A leopard, so stunningly athletic, carries itself casually, prowling with a strut or a saunter, for a significant portion of most days... and then, bam!, she jolts for prey, or even for play. Stroll or fly. In between, maybe save it. Leisure... cocktailed with strength. The two extremes dancing in turn on the same earth.

I do not take credit for any of the "good" or "bad" nonsense which may ensue.

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