Walking? Strolling

I'm writing to you from out of the shadows of our stormy, brilliantly lit, unfathomably intertwined lives, to urge you respectfully, to not forget the power or beauty of walking.

Go for a stroll.

I think it was Thoreau, who said something along the lines of "I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."

It could be that you walk to a place instead of driving.

It could be that you park far[ther] away from some destination (if you do drive somehwere), so that you can then walk a bit to get to wherever you're going.

Or it could be that you just get out and go: explore by way of your two feet a place outside of town.

I really didn't need to write this much about something so simple, so brilliant. You probably already know about the magic and drink this brew of bipedalsim often. Well then, happy feeting.

Z: Go for a stroll in surroundings that are new and/or interesting.

E: Leave your phone at home, in car, or otherwise dead to you.

N: Let "time" be just now and tell agenda(s) to go to hell.

S: If walking is "easy" to you, then turn it into an utterly joyous strolling. If walking is "painful" or otherwise "sucky", then try doing it in a way that it does not suck.

O: Just go.



If you want "fat" loss, as I've heard so many people say they do, then this "walking" thing ought I think be at the top of anyone's list (along with any number of other assorted elements that go in a personal be-trim brew.

I'm talking not necessarily to you, because you don't strike me as a person who needs to be interested in fat loss, but if you ever are, this seems to be, perhaps, a top-flight opportunity (if made habitual).

Trimmer waistline aside, there is much reason to conclude that stimulative strolling - combined with an easy breathing attitude - will inlet all kinds of other wonderful gab, including rosier thinking.

Regards to "easy breathing", try to keep your damn mouth shut while walking; you'll lose a lot less CO2.

For more on the history of my personal love-story with walking, visit here.

A Butter Disclaimer:

You don't need me to remind you any of this and I'm not responsible for your falls or triumphs.

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