Up Lay

I think we are magic but if we expel unnecessarily we will waste our precious biology and suffer the consequences of cellular disrepair. Huh? Can you play with passion and yet also quietly with the faint music of chirping birds and rustling foliage??

I put it to us, Up Lay, so tell me if you think like I do, it's as yin as it is yang.

The rest periods of this fitness riddle are built in (via Corpse Posing) so that each subsequent bout of powerful action may be indeed powerful.

If we rush the reposing, then we may severely dampen the capacity for liveliness during the more expressive aspects. Therefore we may also limit the extent to which adaptations can happen from any particular "demand" (although if engaged as I think you might have to be to play, your thoughts may die and results will simply do what they want).

In other words, take your damn time and see if you can recognize the finer qualities of this ridiculous challenge...


Up Lay


Alternate Keg Tosses with Pickup, Press, & Slam

for "10"


Hang for ?


Corpse Pose for 13 counts of "breaths"


Repeat through for six rounds.


Can you do the entire Dazo... without opening your mouth once??? No, seriously.



For the Keg Tosses and Pickup, Press, & Slams, use a 30lb medball or a boulder or something else of your choosing.

While counting breaths during Corpse Pose, an inhale and then exhale counts as one breath. Count as "1... 2... 3..." and so forth. If you lose track of what number breath you are on, then you must as a disciplined fool start over, at one...

Keeping your mouth closed means not opening the mouth. Not even once.


A Butter Disclaimer:

Enjoy the process and don't kill yourself.

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