Trip continued (11/6/20)

Lot going on these days in the world; I mean, a lot to investigate, try to sift through and play with, and navigate so that we can live somehow counter to or transcendent of the maze of divide and corruption and what laughably passes as hysteria and fear and submission or otherwise authoritarian power tripping that must I think concordantly act as our opportunity to rebel against, oppose, or at least play away from the imposition. I guess like our current travels around wherever as the Butterworths, that trip I alluded to there continues as well.

Yesterday we drove into Flagstaff rather un-expectantly, and were (Shalin and I) rather blown away. We felt at least initially - and after ~24 hours of being here - that we really like the town (the vibes, the weather, the elevation, the hills, the downtown, the uptown / out-of-town, the chance for experience and wandering and play, etc.). So there's that.

They had a Meadery, parks, did I say hills?, beautiful pines and gorgeously glistening limey green trees too, grass!, sidewalking opportunities as well as trails and mountainy trails-not-yet, and a Natural Grocers.

We went to probably the best food / meal experience I can remember in a while; I'd say definitely the best, for me, of our current trip. A place called "Brix". Now how cool is that to begin with, regardless of the associated dining experience?! I had scallops and pork belly, and a gin and tonic; Brix had lamb shank and risotto, and lemonade; Shalin had ahi tuna salad, and a negroni. Creme de la creme. Amazing. I think I will remember it. Just went with the overall experience of Flagstaff, maybe, and basically synchronous with the experience of the trip as a whole and our overall familying bit too. So...

Yeah. Feeling fortunate as we go to not quite sure. (Ever?). Feeling inspired too (Check out my friend D. Dixon's early November instagram post here). Also who knows what the fuck is really going on, but I think it pays to play attention, to examine and explore madly as we do in a loose yet critically perceptive kind of way. Like Ray Peat recently wrote in a response to a question I had for him:

The need to control things implies that your knowledge is adequate; there should always be awareness of your need to know more, while realizing that you know enough to reject some of the available stuff as garbage and imposition. Critical perception builds up a generalization that identifies the elements of organized evil, that serves as a map of where not to offer supporting participation.

I can, both historically and recently, notice in myself a "controllingness" habit or state, where what I "know" makes me want to have others know it in similar ways. I think it's worth ditching this, although part of that tendency at least lately may come from seeing some of the "available stuff as garbage" and wanting to share this questioning or critical spirit with those around me who I love (a kind of sheep dog thing). In other words, I don't want anyone around here falling prey to the imposition which appears to be ubiquitous - and the numbers of people who are blindly or just unquestioningly submitting, in general, to be growing. So a growing challenge, in me and also in the conversations I get to share with others (in or out of any supposed community): to learn ongoingly where "not to offer supporting participation" --- and where to play attention more and more alternative to all those apparently not-biological forces.

What? To be able to sprint about at the park and play hack (with myself!), and kick the [fut] ball around the grass and generally play... to do much of this mostly with the raddest family ever (Shalin and Brix)... in the sun and up from sea-level about seven thousand feet and pine smells in the air... yes, a pretty fortune. We met some new friends there, too (Jill and Enzo); fun to meet people perhaps a bit like us who are down to run around and play and be - without worry having been pumped into them, without masks, etc.

I found a few inches of thin steel going down the stairs of our Aspen Inn "hotel", outside near the parking lot, to rip some wonderful-feeling pullups. We walked to that delicious dinner from our lodgery partly hike-style through the forest behind the place, and partly through what-we-thought-to-be a particularly charming downtown. Oh, lots of later-in-the-evening snuggly Brixton carries (for me and Shalin), too. Yay for feet and ability and not feeling (sometimes!) as if we have to be anywhere other than here, now, this.


ps Brix has been writing on and uploading photos to his blog regularly, too (which has been inspiring me to do the same, here). Check his out here. Just another of the many ways of his being which continue to "teach" me or instruct my own continual refinement of what it means to be living. So Cheers to him, again and again (and to his Mama ;-)).