Buddha Cheeks

You have them and you want to use them. You've told me this (in so many words).


Z: Carry something(s) particularly dense, farmer style or bear, or as a traveler with a suitcase, from anywhere, to everywhere.

E: With unhurried godliness and a quiet, unadulterated enthusiasm for the task, act simply powerful while carrying for any distance. Or, lug some weighted thing in whatever the hell way you want!

N: I'd like to remind you that the game here, is not to induce unnecessary stress but rather to play in quality, aptness, capability, etc. Or, be a dick and stress yourself out!

S: Behave idly at length before each next jaunt. Or, slop along!

O: No "O", just lift something and go.



This (like many of these other "Bubboki Dazo" games), is a simple thing I like to do from time to time - and I think you may like doing it too.

I love that I can pick up [heavy] stuff and carry it, the act of which feels both primal and plain fun. Don't you think?


A Butter Disclaimer:

Don't hurt your back (or inflict on yourself some other injurious thing); but if you do get hurt, don't blame me. Also please don't give me the satisfaction of thinking I had anything to do with any sheer rush of good feelings.

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