the real good stuff (11/10/20)

The other morning I held my rather big backpacking pack (doubling as my general travel bag since I got it) --- held it upright, for our boy to carefully fold his Toy Story napkins and get his other things (small Toy Story figurines and some pens) ready, to go into the bottom pouch of the bag. It was absolutely precious time and mattered above all else in the universe, appropriately, these minutes. It single-handedly, this experience, reminded me what is important. How to live, how to be, the how of whatever it is we're doing infinitely valuable as a marker for living (compared to any sort of what that can be imagined).

This morning, in the hotel room I ordered an orange juice donut (oj, parmegianno reggiano, eggs) at the robot donut making factory, from the donut-making man. These were exceptional in terms of both taste and energy-producing ingredients, compared to any donuts I've ever experienced or heard of.

We made a loooooong drive across Nevada, not too planned but it happened that we just kept going. I will say that our family (The B Hive) is utterly amazing at roadtripping; proven, historically, and again on this 10 hour driving day. We have fun for the most part --- at least 80% of the duration is enjoyed with some ability at least to play in options of perspective. Yay.

We arrived at a big chain hotel in Sparks, just before Reno, that was restrictive as shit with temperature checks at the door and "required" mask wearing to check in. The security guard woman seemed to be a shallow, low-level-of-emotional-intelligence, high-serotonined human - at least in the context of that evening of me greeting her as I came in to the Nugget Casino place there, my big smile not mirrored in the slightest by her orneriness.

Contrast this to the clerk at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Springdale, where she and I shared in good old fashion human to human connection before she revealed that "it's nice to see your face."

In that vein, I had a nice email exchange recently with Ray [Peat], in which he shared:

"On my latest trip to the bank they wouldn’t let me inside, so I had to use the drive-up window, which could only handle simple deposits. I think Trump’s worst effect was to let the “liberals” publicly unleash their authoritarian natures. While the CDC now lists 14 controlled studies showing masks are useless, Biden expects to have a national mask mandate."

My understanding based on what I have been able to dig up and ascertain is that this (mask stuff) appears to be mostly a twisted kind of global obedience training for continuing control measures down the road; that the COVID "virus" is real and also not really dangerous --- at least not justification for mass hysteria.


Yet, cheers!