The AntiGym TV is up and running with "Brix Island"

A couple things you may or may not care to know about me or what I think is going on here:

I've probably spent 10,000 plus hours inside a gym. So although I've evolved into more of an antigym spirit - and I think the church of being [outside] is some of the more basic "medicine" there is - there's still a lot of down and dirty, yes fun, but sweaty history throwing weights around and rolling about on grungy mats, behind the shift. 

I almost always carry around a hacky sack or a bouncy ball in one of my pockets or backpack, because... you never know! 

Give me a hill or a some stairs anywhere, and maybe a grove or even a single tree and some sky in any form, over walls and nasty electricity and fluorescent lights anyday; usually. Sometimes I just want a plush rug, a feather pillow and a tonic. Actually sugar, bubbly water, and quinine makes its way into lots of life scenarios for me.

The universe manifested the love of my life and I in marriage on a Tuesday. Off the side of Northern California's Highway 1. On some random blufftop. Overlooking the great blue of the Pacific. In blustering conditions. With some of our closest friends and family and the gulls and the butterflies and live guitarring by an old teammate of Canon in D Major. Officiated by "The Philosopher". The blend of it all was (is) perfect. 

Health seems to me roughly the amount of situational range or happenstantial depth a person can experience, without in one direction or another his or her usual energetic, explorative, wonderfilled, questioning, and basically spunky "self" being too much fucked with. This goes along I guess with my thoughts on strength too, that to be strong is part flexibility, and a collaborative urge, in the face of newness or diversity, and being able to do pretty much in life for a long, long time, simply things that are enjoyable physiologically or ethically, things that you feel in them and by them a kind of gratitude and inherent pleasure or passion, rather than shit done to some ulterior end. 

Life felt with trust, as a process (perhaps when energy resources are replete).

Health a state akin to art, (maybe when glucose metabolism is functioning efficiently). 

Every man or woman his or her own star, and whatever light I shine as long as it doesn't dim that of my fellow traveler, a light to play or cry in, a light to just be alive in.

Or something. 

Like, "Seek Zeros!" Also, take zero of what I write or say as medical advice or wisdom of any sort. Take it as gunk compared to the feet you walk with. We are each I wonder unique manifestations of a cosmic biology happening way underneath our feeble and false attempts to figure --- and that is our "doings". Or if you'd like we do this and that, interdependently: is this the "it" which flows? 

I may do a getup or go for a walk now. Or eat some parmeggiano reggiano with a bowl of honey. Or laugh. And maybe tonight is the night I go to sleep and never wake up... I wish you well in all affairs. Cheers!


PS: Type "The AntiGym TV" into YouTube for "Brix Island" and other stuff.