Squatitation vol: "Slide Fro"

I know you could be thinking, "I'm fine. I don't need to meditate in a squat. I don't need to slow down. I don't need to do this."

Well yes, you're right. You don't need to do anything. Life is funny like that. And maybe you will walk away from this now and forget it forever. Or maybe reflexes will pull you interestedly into it. I don't know. I don't care.

Assume a comfortable stance in standing. Breathe the wonder of easy air into your nostrils, quietly; expel the air just as quietly. Now squat slowly, as a kind of tester.

Don't push it. Just go to whatever depth you go to easily, while feeling / sensing the quality, or lack of quality, of a squat.

Then stand and relax.

Now, with feet flat on the ground, go to all fours flat on the ground, as comfortably as possible. This means, can you put your hands flat on the ground somewhere in front of your feet (which are also flat on the ground)?

I know, squatting might mean something different to you. But remember, squatting in the deepest sense, is an aspect of transitioning from sitting on the ground to standing, an aspect of moving into and out of various positions. Squatting is as variable as life itself, although you may not have ever thought it so.

Okay, stand back up and relax. Now go back into the "all fours flat on the ground" position.

While in this position, notice too your eyes. Are they looking toward the ground?

Now, starting with all fours flat on the ground, begin to slide just the left hand forward, out in front of you farther, sliding it into a reach. Do it comfortably and not pushy or achievement-oriented. You don't get a fucking prize for going "as far as you can". Return the hand back to the original "all fours flat" position.

Alternate this reaching slide movement - now right hand, then left hand again, on and on.

Do this movement so slowly, even, that you can sense a ridiculous amount of proprioceptive information or body feelings, so slowly that it's like you're ten feet from the tracks watching or listening to a 1-mile-an-hour train inching before you.

Continue to alternate and notice any sensations of this, until you're at all fatigued or disinterested, then quit and relax in a standing position.

When sufficiently rested, when the curiosity of some previously unknown muscle or skeletal part again needs to be followed, drop down again into the "all fours" position.

This time, play a game called contra-intent, or rifting coordination on purpose. Cause the rift by doing the following: as you begin a slow sliding of the left hand forward in front of you, simultaneously turn your head, eyes, and neck away from the sliding left hand (looking them up toward the sky).

All of this slowly, while noticing even the tiniest discomforts of this rifted moving. Notice where and when discomforts arise while acting in this uncoordinated manner. When it becomes evident that sliding and reaching the hand out in front of you cannot get to where it had been able to when you first did this sliding movement, return to the "all fours" starting position. Then alternate: slide the right hand out in front of you, while at the same time contradicting this by trying to also move the head and eyes away from this reaching (upwards and to the left).

Do this purposeful rift action, on each side, many times, verrry slowly. While you're doing all this in alternating fashion, notice particular bodily sensations in the neck, heels, achilles area, hips, etc. How do the eyes feel? Are you breathing? How? Stand up to relax when it gets too close to "work".

Remember it's all a bunch of nonsense. But maybe, upon this dabbling in squatitation, you'll feel later much more wiggly, with much more "clear-thinking", and perhaps more animally and full of a kind of attitudinal ranginess that makes life a bit cooler.

Return to the "all fours flat" position. Slide and reach alternately, as you did the first time, following the slide and reach movement with the eyes and neck. In other words, now let the move be coordinated. Let the moving be enjoyed.

Notice particular sensations in the low back area, in the ankle regions, in the hips, in the skin of the neck.

Relax in standing when slow, sensual exploration turns chorish.

Chill for a bit and then perform a squat test, as you did at the outset of this jazz.

How does it feel? Is it of a different quality than before you squatitated? How so?

Resume your daymanship. Go do your usual "side" jobs or diving for abalone, or to the store for food. Go muse or for a walk or lay down and go to bed. Go die. Whatever it is that is next.

I love that you were able to have some leisure time.

A Butter Disclaimer:

Squat at your own risk. Although I do not think it should be arduous. If things go awry, I'm terribly sorry yet feel compelled to say: It wasn't squatting that hurt you, It was the way you squatted that hurt you. At least these are my thoughts, right now. If you're caught in the storm of culture that says you're not enough, then take cover in your own pleasurable movement. You're under no obligation to continue to beat yourself up.

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