Some things from a conversation with "Cousin Gary" today

Gary encouraged me to lie in bed in the morning upon waking and frame the day --- thinking about what I really want to do for the day (like the few simple things that maybe really matter to me), and how I want to go about perhaps ...

For me this might be

*accessing some greats


*playing attention

*bringing in as "dreams" the issitry that's this


Before the day takes over.

He also encouraged a one minute or more video every morning about ... ? .... honest reflection or just being on "air" in a learning-to-be-comfortable-with-it kind of thing --- and posting it as a kind of raw documentation and for the hell of it.

Also: writing EVERY DAY (because I dig it); like this.

Cheers, Gary.



PS pretty funny that all this just comes out like it does (do we really have a deep-down-decided "choice"?!

PSS How great is it to be alive right now?!

PSSS about to crawl into the best bed ever. the snuggle ship. where there's nowhere I'd rather be. "If I go to sleep tonight and never wake up... ?" ...