RunWild is Not a Program

RunWild by Zenso is perhaps everything your old gym coach wished never existed.

A bunch of options for ways of going about either rampantly or softly, or self-chosen, and self-directed. The option most of all, to listen to none of this and change as often as life itself.

No real rules. We're here, you play.

Okay maybe a couple of encouragements aired now and again, regarding safety and/or optimization of power.

But overriding even those, only a basic and cooperated celebration of felt, personal experience.

For sure a community. Yet a community without a "leader". And no followers.

Merely a bunch of crazy cogitative anthropoids who care... just enough to not care about the claims, products, programs, and people which the billion dollar health industry shoves out as "fitness".

People being... each other's friends; and going along as if it makes zero sense to compete or compare about who can run for the longest time or who can huff and puff the most while we do this.

Do what?

Let me summarize: Beyond just hanging out together, RunWild acts as a space to grow our ways of moving (and existing) in this changing world; a wide open playground where we might as an aside learn adaptability, self-reliance, humor, etc.

Of course we'll also likely grow asses that look great while dancing us down the street, and share in ideas that could make life simply more fun.

Come and feel it. Let the breeze get you off.

Connect! Derail! Whatever.

Let the chemicals of a life lived without the typical walls, intoxicate your every step.

Or don't.


A Butter Disclaimer:

Anything I write is maybe nothing more nor less than the whole thing happening just so in this way, for now, and no more right than a cloud or a buzzing bee.

Also I am not a health professional and I do not take any stock in your pursuit of a better life, except insofar as your learning to be lively and robust may make this whole ball of confusion so much more enjoyable for all of us. Cheers to whatever you want to call it!