Set phone timer for 3.1 minutes, or better yet, don't set a thing, then place phone inside a cupboard or bearbox.

Z: Lay anywhere.

E: Sprawl out (face up), noticing contact with ground. Kinesthetically sense body's dimensionality (with eyes wide shut). Patiently scan skeletal structure, feel how it feels to lay for a bit.

N: Hug legs to chest unambitiously, holding tops of shins with warm, curious hands.

S: Like a goddevil, but polar lightly, and softly as a gentle midnight breeze, with delicate guidance from the arms, rockkk... and roll. Back and forth (left and right). Mellowly. Fall into the subtlest subterfuge of sensual letting, while slooowwwwwwly rolling. Back and forth. Change directions sometimes mid-roll, deftly, even without the slightest warning that you were going to do so. Feel. Keep the lips pursed the whole roll, fond in the sweetest secret that something so innocent, so simple, can feel so... so this. Forth and back. Roll blissfully, playing. For the rest of the three minutes and six seconds, or for the rest of however long you feel like it, feel. Feel the contours of the coccyx. Feel the breadth, the bony love of the spine as its vertebrae listen to the floor. Feel the ground working its unforgiving, fingerless self into the muscles of the back, its tissues so malleable they can taste the floor's massage. Feel. Feel the slow dancing roll, back and forth. Feel. And then be done.

O: Lay long again (let legs go down, naturally straight and out). Let arms fall out to ground. Just lay. Notice length. Sense contact with the heaven of earth. Notice sounds. Notice breathing. Notice warmth. What else do you notice?

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