This seems to be as chill as it is thrill, and as satisfying as it is challenging - a rangy affair (to me).

Do you want some?

Z: Energize back and forth between wild dashing and quiet lollying.

E: Open the mouth (to breath or talk) not even once.

N: Duration of dashing based on fancy and ability to breath just through nose.

S: Duration of lollying (strolling) to be long enough so that subsequent dash feels particularly wild.

O: Enjoy the toggling for anywhere between 22 and 69 minutes; I don't give a damn dip where.

Can you?



None I can think of right now.

A Butter Disclaimer:

Warm up properly (whatever you think is proper) before engaging in the above affair. Do not tell me I didn't tell you to warm up properly, if something goes berserk. I love you and I will love you still, even if you cannot play "Quiled" without opening your mouth.

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