Haifu's Borilla

"In the end, when all is said and done, where are we all going?" said the checker once upon my life at Trader Joe's, before continuing, "So then why are you in such a rush??"

Precisely. I'm here right now to write to you (whether you want me to or not), to slow it.

Z: Take a walk outside, anywhere fancied or wherever it could be accepted as an experience of elements; without shoes; for no real reason.

E: Feel the earth, feel the process: actually, engage in this dip as if you had no other choice.

Every time you feel as if rushing along, taper back, mosey with increased fervor and imagination, create a more casual, inspecting pace, and chillllll. Or don't do any of that if it's not in your present bag of ism-dry.

N: Draw attention proprioceptively... proprioceptively? Okay, whatever. Are you trying to go somewhere? Why?!

S: Oh! Do please watch for broken glass, protrusionisms, jaggedry, and other maybe rough, pokey, or otherwise irritating underfoots.

O: Leave watch or phone at home, or hiding in car or heaved in the bushes. Listen for birds and wavering grass. How is the makeout love of feet and earth while sauntering?


This is basically like walking ever so much more pointless. Let's think about life, I mean let's scale way out. Okay, great!

This is just another Bubboki Dazo of mine that I'm sharing with you. Something I thought at the time seemed like a great reminder to myself. So perhaps it is a nice reminder to you, too (as you said to me once, "Don't forget to smell the roses."

A Butter Disclaimer:

I know you love doing barefoot things (like I do), so I offered such as an absolute element of "Haifu's Borilla". That writ, don't be a twit and step awkwardly or destructively; and if you do hurt yourself, please I have nothing to do with it. Furthermore, the enjoyment you derive from slowing down and feeling the earth with your feet has nothing to do with me either.

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