Our [latest] trip, so far (11/5/20)

I can't get the Ghostbusters theme song out of my head right now. We just listened to it and determined, "probably", to watch the movie tonight as a family... in Flagstaff or wherever we end up.

Last two days and nights have been in Sedona. Pretty cool place, except for so many people seemingly duped and scared, walking around as if they're going to get sick just being or something; actually, no, just walking around doing what they're "supposed" to or "told" to, rather than thinking about what's right and having an ounce of courage enough to do that. Vague, I guess, what I'm writing. More there, for another blog post maybe sometime.

A big poop came out this morning, it was so big and soft-servy that it went shooot right through the toilet hole and in, and you could see just 1/4 or maybe half of it because the rest was already going down - so it was so big that I'm not sure how big it even was. Why am I talking about this? I don't know, it just came out.

I want to use the Ghostbusters theme or something like it for videos I create for YouTube or Instagram (but I want to figure out how to do so "legally", what with copyright issues and such). Through high school, and a few years of college, I drove around in my first car (a Volvo) with the Ghostbusters theme song "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" on repeat, literally the whole time I was driving anywhere for those three or four years. So the song has a nostalgic relevance and appeal to me; plus Brix seems to love it (we bopped and danced in the car to it, the day before Halloween 2020). It appears to have become reawakened - a resurgence - in the Butterworth story.

Here we are. A hike through Sedona hills yesterday, planned "to the creek"... but halfway or so, I intuited that because we forgot our supplies (our snacks), we needed to "head back to the car" for the "well-made" sour gummy worms and lemonade rings and parmigiano reggiano and Arancini San Peligrinos. It turned out to be the right move. Well fueled for us means easily digestible and tasty food(s) to "break-a-fast" often, which then means low stress and high fun exploration; on the reg.

Sometimes!: because each day also seems to have a moon and a sun, shadows around any corner and the chance to glean many perspectives of which maybe in this too is a ton of gratitude - and craziness and wild unknown thoughts and moods, and just adventure.

"Zenso" took form or manifested itself as sprinting sections of our hike, practicing throwing my new throwing knives (and getting a first "chaub" into a tree trunk [thank you tree for allowing it]), pull ups on the wrought iron fencing door by the pool overlooking the creek and rock formations of Sedona, crawling around the hotel room, bridge elevatoring before before bed madly and out of fancy for not knowing really what else to do then with mind a spinning and playing many vantages in different underground lairs or something, and a "thoracic" stretch I got from a Katy Bowman post on Instagram that looked cool. Plus other actions, behaviors, whatever that arose I guess naturally wherever however. A nice morning few minutes on the deck of our Sedona Cedar Resort room, too, uttering subverbal "greats" (gratitude play) and deathuflective (a meditation which consists of deep reflection on the possibility / question: "What if tonight I go to bed and never wake up?"); this "nice" morning of perspective perhaps juxtaposed as it ought to be or perfectly at the other side of the pole of a day that, emotionally, was as rangy as any yet I guess quite "usual", for me. I mean, dark, light, and colors of many kinds!

More soon.