No more "working out" or "sessions" or whatnot

Just being; and being in a way that's strong and with it or whatever, like alive.

It's based, basically, on the idea that if I can't pick up something heavy right now, or sprint down the street or romp about, or generally excurgzhe or explore, or jump up to a bar and hang or rip some pullups, or press or hurl something, or fire something across the room or to a friend across the way, then... something's a bit off with how I'm living.

In other words, I guess I feel grateful to be able to do stuff --- and in being human, I feel fortunate that I can be alive in many different ways; and I'd like to then entertain these abilities in an everyday kind of way, because it's fun to be and live like such, and because well, yeah, it just allows for an enhancement of options for being.

The whole "use it or lose it" idea applies, naturally.

Living in a way that I enjoy, as play, and strongly so to speak, and living this way too so that we can continue to live with spunk, gratitude, and... flavor ?

Yes. A kind of range.

Anyway, this is the experimental approach lately. Born of a general desire to not have to "put" or "add" stuff into my life (like living in a way that doesn't need fixes or tricks or shit "on top of" an already just being alive kind of thing). A mad-science anywhere at-any-time curiosity for what might be next here in front of us. No more "working out" for sure. Heavily inspired by the following quotes I read (posted on the RayPeatForum) from another sort of iconoclast, who is simply known by some as Pavel:

"You may never admit it in public, but you know that the number one reason you are bodybuilding [or doing any other 'fitness' shit] is to improve your self-esteem. Face the music: no amount of meat will give you true confidence."

And the next one really resonated for me - harbingering the more experientially embedded-into-the-everyday-anytime-however (context!) of what "Zenso" might be whenever:

"...another axiom of motor learning: frequent brief practices are superior to infrequent long ones. Russian researchers discovered that breaking up a strength workout into smaller units is very effective. In other words, one set of five every day is better than five sets of five every five days. Very counterculture in the bodybuilding [or 'workout'] community, but I presume that you are more interested in making gains than in fitting in."

Whether or not his nod to this "axiom of motor learning" is totally, 100% justifiable or verifiable, just the idea of it was enough for me to want to put the approach into play, experimentally. And psychologically, or in terms of just not feeling as though you "have to" supplement something into your life as if you're not doing enough as it is, this reeeeeeally jives with me.

If we aren't living our lives in such a way that by living these ways we are strong, flexible-in-being, and filled with possibilities for exploration or wonder or play, then... why not?! So maybe, instead of thinking we need to make a boring or uneventful or inactive or weak life better by "working out", why not simply experiment with fun, eventful, active, strong behaviors or elements incorporated directly into the way we go about day to day??!

To me, at least for now, it appears to be a way to go.

Here's some examples of how this has looked for me, lately (coming near):

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