I think things like pushing it to the max or going to the end of the tank, can be overrated; especially if when doing so, some naturally full and expressive burst of human action, turns into an act of drudgery (tiredness kept up).

But showing up, getting the lifts / movements in, and having fun with what's happening, maybe being open to insights or newfound imaginations along the way, these - by contrast - are the things of "progress". It doesn't happen by trying so hard as much as it happens by enjoying where we are. By hitting the trail (any trail) and perhaps reveling in the experience.

If you don't believe me, fine. I don't care. It doesn't care. And in a hundred or five hundred years, no one will care. Or, go as hard as you can every day; try to be always somewhere you're not. And then try to find out where your smiles go.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you ought to listen to body building culture circa 2019. Maybe "hustling" makes you feel like you're doing something. Me? I'm alive. I can sprint to the top of a hill. I can brew some choff and mix in some sweetened milk and maple. And for now, this's pretty good. I'll take my drink to the garage and rip some pullups, then go for a stroll. Have a good day.