Lose Not Butt

I think something like this ought to be engaged in once or twice every six to sixteen days to maintain for a life the feel of animalism, ability, and appeal.

I feel like, generally, you may agree?

Z: Pick up (lift!) something larger than most people your size would ever think to.

E: Do not dive into this "something large" without ramping or warming up; be "smart".

N: In addition to priming the movement (and priming the nervous system), please also prime a strong, buttery demeanor before lifting your "something large".

S: Maybe lift whatever you've chosen to lift once; maybe lift it a few times. Tonic water? Sure, some of that too, why not.

O: Rest between bouts until you feel as if you can do again with efficacy, whatever you just did. Repeat "S" for as many sets as you feel that any return may not be diminished.


Strong asses and strong brains: may you never lose your sexiness.

I do not think this should be done every day; nor do I think it should be done more than once or twice a week. I mean, if you enjoy this "Lose Not Butt" game.

A Butter Disclaimer:

I'm not promising that you will think your butt not lost or your butt any prettier, after playing this Bubboki Dazo for several occasions. What you think of your butt is solely up to you.

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