Otherwise known as the Ceremonial Corpse Pose.

I remember you said you had some weirdly disconcerting ponderings about death, so I thought of you when I thought of this game. Want to try it?

Z: Set timer or sense of “time” for ten minutes (or any length).

E: Lay completely motionless except for the naturally rhythmic current of breath or beating heart.

N: This can be done anywhere: grass, dirt, mud, in the rain, on a wood floor, within earshot or feeling the mist of crashing waves, etc. Choose an environment that seems in some way(s) a bit disruptive, “noisy”, undulated, or “crazy” for additional fun!

S: Start clock or bio timer

O: Notice and wander within the mystery of whatever’s happening in this almost-corpse-like "stillness".


Can you do this?



I first did something like this on a hill, in a tunnel, under a highway, amidst weeds and broken glass and a near-constant preoccupation with the "idea" of spiders and other bugs crawling on me while I laid. The game for me then was set at eight or more minutes without any kind of timer or clock-aid letting me know that I'd "made it". It felt like a shit-ton longer time than the eight I shot for, but when I came out of the "stillness" I checked my phone nearby and saw that I'd only gone for like eight minutes and thirteen seconds. Suffice it to say it was so much more challenging (and oddly peaceful) than I'd imagined; so I'm curious what it's like for you.

A Butter Disclaimer:

Stay safe and what I really mean is don't do this anywhere where you could get run over (unseen), or bitten by a poisonous sea creature.

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