Ka Chuck!

Being able to pick something up and chuck it back over your head, strikes me as something you'd want to have in your repertoire. An expressionability.

If for no other reason than because you can.

Z: Hunt for something you can chuck.

E: Chuck for chucking's sake.

N: Revel in the elements.

S: Chuck again.

O: On and on, until it's off.



Chuck the same thing for the session or chuck different things during the session. Whatever.

How to chuck?

See diagram.

Then go chucking.

A Butter Disclaimer:

Don't chuck anything you can't first pick up. Don't get hurt. Don't be serious. Don't chuck something onto another animal. Don't chuck without power or affection. Don't forget some salt and some sugar; or maybe a mexican coke. Don't hold me responsible when something happens.

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