Hustle Culture Vomit

I think it's hard to imagine that playfulness, the kind that is brought about naturally through predominately high-functioning physiology, will also naturally outperformanyone who is driven by serotonin and other aspects of the stress field.

The person who stays up late and gets up early, as if compelled to "succeed" by a voice in his head that says he is shit if he doesn't work work work to beat the guy next to him, is closer to actual death, biologically, and pushed along only by his scarcity-minded, degeneration-based fear.

It is the force of competition that is so culturally perpetuated because ultimately, it appears to keep people always divided, and controllable by bigger, corporate interests who are fueled by one thing: money. The competition mindset teaches us to win at all costs, at the costs of family bonds, at the cost of our health, at the cost of our chance to be content, to be free. It keeps the system going and sells goodies at the end of the line which never come, yet keep people hopeful, or hurt, or plain mindlessly tossing energy away in any direction in the name of one-ups-manship.

As soon as you realize you matter, and therefore this right here matters, you'll have at once perhaps the available energy to question the drivel that's firehosed at you from every direction, and say, wait, Why am I doing this? Is it for money? Why? What is it ultimately that I want?

If it's contentment, then I would encourage looking at biology, and feeding the life that grows a more playful state, so that the passion born of interest may grow itself, and happiness the unintended byproduct may sprout and multiply without caring too much about it. It is not natural to hustle beyond our own community's health and ability to laugh and dance; but I would bet that you've been shoveled, and learned to think, otherwise, by a culture that doesn't give a good god damn about being okay just being, and it does make someone(s) a lot of money to have a majority of the population ripping each other's faces off in the name of being right, or in the name of working harder to "achieve" at all costs.

We are connected, but the messages most of us are surrounded with tell us we are individuals, and separate, little "I"s that must compare and grumble and push harder through the muck, to get some heavenly pearl over in the way off behind some gate which isn't available to everyone just the ones who keep their heads down (and noses up).

Heaven is in us now, actually, but knowing such doesn't sell! The energy that streams all of this into the process that is, all of us life the bees and the trees and the very rock we fly through space on, is present but can't be bought! It's happening only because of the ultimate ground of the mystery it flows on ------ and because it flows on and on, so do we.  You don't need to do anything today to feel it, and chances are, I wonder, if you do feel it, then you will be sustained by gratitude, playfulness, and natural effort which is continuous with the life force itself (no extra "trying" necessary at that point).