Hong Yang

I think it's basically, evolutionarily accurate, to think of brachiation kind of like bipedalism. In other words, just hanging from a tree branch or a bar, can be medicinal and important for our overall sense of well being and "healthiness", much like walking can.

If you are feeling not quite whole, or if you are feeling somewhere a void, try a bit of Hong Yang. Or try some Hong Yang just for the hell of it.

Z: Find somewhere to hang.

E: Pop up there and hang until grip feels anything but holy. And by holy I mean Mmmmmm.

N: Rest and cocktail-party-effect some nature.

S: Again so, repeat as heart's contented.

O: Nostril breathe throughout and dance to the music no one else can hear ("Quiet Style").



This is a pretty simple game.

Just hang - Hong Yang!


A Butter Disclaimer:

Don't hang to hurt, hang to heal.

But also don't be afraid to get out on the limb where the fruit is.

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