Unilateral Hingin'

If you got some picking up around the house to do, or if you want to invite some animalism to your being, then try this.

I'd say it's good after breakfast or before you want to turn the play dial way up, but you'll know yourself when's right.

A bonus is that your space might seem a lot less cluttered when you're through, or your feelings of being able to run through a brick wall more pronounced. I always feel so much better after a little Unilateral Hingin', will you ?

Z: The game is about hinging, in other words bending or flexing, mostly at the hips, to pick some things up off the earth (for example picking up pieces of paper, stray carpet hair(s), a floor-lorn pillow, some dirt, a leaf, etc.).

E: Do the hinging and picking while balanced on one leg, in other words unilaterally.

N: Let if fancied an utter appreciation for being able to espouse just whatever the hell this seems to be.

S: Play "Hingin'", one leggedly, switching legs whenever wished, for as long as you spunkily or spiritedly desire.

O: As you play, is your ass awakening? Is the animal in you joining the dance?



This as well as other games of movement (Bubboki Dazo affairs), are born out of a basic sense of feeling just grateful that I can do shit like this. Additionally, I reason that it's of value to play around with movement behaviors that I wouldn't want to ever be without ("Move it or lose it", it's said).

A Butter Disclaimer:

Make it yours; edit or delete elements as fit. Don't give me credit if you love it. Enjoy the dance.


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