Walking Funny, An Experiment

You walk in so many different ways. I love it.

I've seen you do this, without thinking, a thousand times now. You walk - however you do it, so naturally. Then I'll see you walking funny, like on your tip toes, or even with your toes folded underneath; or on the sides of your feet. You have so much in your toolbox. It's wonderful. You exhibit a myriad of ways to do a pattern of movement (walking) which most people assume is supposed to be done in just one way.

So I tried it.

I walked down the path in the country a hundred steps or so, in my "usual" way.

Then I walked a hundred steps or so, literally on top of the outer sides of my feet. It seemed almost funny.

Then I walked a hundred steps or so, in tippy toe fashion.

Then I walked a hundred steps or so, with as much pressure on the inner part of my feet with each step.

Then I walked a hundred steps or so, "hobjacklin'" style, on my heels the whole time.

In short, I did a bunch of funny walking.

I paid attention to sensations and anything else I seemed to notice.

Then I came back to... just walking.

And you know what happened?

Each step now felt so soft, so easy, so pleasurable, compared to the beginning of the adventure.


In this experiment, I'm guessing what happened is that I gifted my nervous system many different ways of doing this particular pattern of movement (walking).

By investigating unique and interesting, even "weird" forms of walking, I'm wondering if brain maps related to my feet grew larger, more connected.

In noticing aspects of contact or stretch or feeling during each curiosity-driven bout of these types of "funny" walking, I'm wondering if brain maps related to the feet lit up, so to speak, highlighting an increased consciousness of range, ability, and comfort.

I'm wondering if practicing more options for an action as habituated as walking, provided enough critical information to my central nervous system so that it could rediscover better, more efficient ways of doing the job.

I don't know.

But I do know that when I did this, when I tried on several different ways of walking, it turned the "usual" way, into a more natural way, in a way that it felt simply much more "right" for right now.


I hope I don't forget, that walking (or squatting or reaching, or playing around on bars like a monkey), is not something to be routinized to the point of contracting my humanness.

I hope I don't forget, that flexibility of spirit, or that flexibility of being, or that flexibility of movement, is akin to intelligence, and that if I lose the ability to do any particular something, in a multitude of ways, I then reduce myself to an existence like that of a robot.

I hope I don't forget to play around!

Thank you for the reminder(s).


A Butter Disclaimer:

If any human out there, tries an experiment like this or any other, please just make it yours. Try different spins. Try walking like a god damn poet; or a chibber chobber. Whatever, just absolve me from the equation (don't give me credit, nor blame).

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