Floating Spine

I contend that the nervous system reacts quite fondly to habits of slow, pleasure-filled movement. Warm skin of two bodies slapping softly against one another, wetness, the music of sex... well, yes. But also this other thing she told me about, called Floating Spine.

Z: Stand. Sense contact with the earth. Breathe as quietly, softly as you comfortably can, through only the nostrils. Appreciate weight on balls of feet, sensing patiently. Secondly, kiss weight to heels, sensing. Treasure whatever sensations you happen to notice. Next, try placing weight on sides of feet, sensing. Later, bring again a full-footedness to the earth in standing, sensing contact. Close the eyes throughout, continuing to breathe just through the nostrils.

E: Imagine a small weight attached to the base of the spine, pulling it ever so gently straight down toward the earth.

N: Imagine a helium-filled balloon attached to the top of your head, pulling it ever so gently straight up toward the sky.

S: Imagine, sense space between each vertebra, starting at the coccyx and moving slowly, one by one, from the lumbar region to the thoracic region and all the way up to the top of the cervical region at the top of the neck. Space, space, space... while holding in the imagination the weight at the base of the spine falling the spine downward, and the balloon at the top of the head floating the spine upward.

O: After a minute or several of this "Floating Spine", now sense the body's length or tallness, open the eyes, and notice relative vividness or clarity of things compared to how things felt at the outset.

Is there more space and freedom than before you engaged with this?



Doing this or any similar kind of body awareness play, without shoes, makes a lot of sense I imagine because sans shoes we're so much closer to a wide earth of possible perceptions. Really, just strip away as much as possible to reveal what naked truths may offer themselves.

Try "Floating Spine" if you've been sitting for a while, or if you feel like tapping into a longer version of yourself, or if you've just had a cocktail of theanine and quinine with soda water and sugar, or for none of these reasons.

Although I wrote above of the nervous system reacting fondly to slow, pleasure-filled movement, you may have noticed that this "Floating Spine" seems closer to not movement. While this is basically true, that it is an almost anti-movement meditation, there are also subtle, often-overlooked movements happening throughout (like that of breathing or heart-beating, even the acture involved in what we call "standing"). Sometimes when action is made so slow, or stilled, we may be afforded the opportunity to sense quieter, and just as important, manifestations of movement.


A Butter Disclaimer:

N=1. I've liked this drug. You might too. If you don't, so be it. If you love it, take it with you to all kinds of magical places I'll never know about.

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