Fence agoY

You like Yoga. I know you do. You've said so.

So find a setting that looks like this (as opposed to a "studio" or some other hot, walled prison-of-mind):

Yep, a fence.

Z: Climb onto it.

E: Don't leave it for some time.

N: "Stretch" or move slowly in and out of as many different positions, on any which rung, as curiosity allows, while holding "poses" for a dilly or a dally.

S: Notice, listen, smell, wonder, look, feel. Don't fall.

O: Breathe as if not.


* Shoes are optional.

* Trees or accompanying nature noises are probably a plus.

* Clothes should be such that any position you can get into, can be got into.

* If you dislike clothes for this, shed them.

* "Agoy" is Yoga spelled backwards. Do you like that?

Brix taught me this game one day, while venturing off a beaten path to explore the "nature" just beyond "a fence". While we were both on said fence, he inquired of me, "Dada, can you do this?" (as he staggered his feet on different rungs and contorted his body in some not-too-usual position)


A Butter Disclaimer:

If you practice "yoga" then you ought I think be able to practice your yoga (uniting) anywhere - in a room, in a field, or on "a fence". Explore! If you're lucky, let this all happen with no ounce of thinking you are separate from the fence. And for sure don't give me credit for suggesting this novel form of yoga, because "I" don't exist (and neither do "you").

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