Faint glow in the shadows

Remember the faint glow of goodness in the shadows, the witchery under the sun...

Lift something heavy, but tread lightly. Do something that requires effort, but make it pleasurable. Zenso isn't a workout or "fitness" or some program: it's doing whatever it happens to be stimulatively, perhaps rather than exhaustively or rushed or encumbered by a hope for some result. It's about doing less work, with more leisure; amen perhaps to a bit of spunk sprinkled in. Strength in being. The power of process. Health as art. Outside? Fucking medicine. Simply walking possibly the greatest form of antidepressionalism. Tricks to increase levels of CO2, like soft, easy breathing just through the nostrils? Sure. Happy move? Yeah. Guess what? Slowing down can be a magnification of wonder. Yin Yangishness and paradox and change and humor and spriteliness and spunk and gratitude and whatever the hell else you want of this. Don't take zen - or this - so seriously. Life - it is you right here, us, happening.

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