Does Intelligence Need A New Definition?

I think so, yes.

Intelligence: the ability to do any one thing in many different ways.

This flexibility - combined with choice - may be a hallmark of intelligent behavior.

A person who can take six, small, rectangular prisms and stack them in six hundred ways, is I think showing more range, than a person who takes the same six blocks and stacks them one way before declaring, "This is the way to stack these blocks... I'm done."

Similarly, being able to wear different hats - in different rooms - appears to be a sign of intelligent human behavior.

For example, I may use words like "shit" and "jesus" and "fuck" and "damn it to the princess of the beautiful shadows that no one seems to know and every one of my energies dances to" at home in the study.

However, I may put those kinds of sounds away when I play "teacher" at "school", in favor of more situationally appropriate phrases like "good morning" or "thank you" or "I like the way you're problem solving there...", or "What are different ways we can...?"

Or when sharing the soul of our feelings in the kitchen prior to bed, I may lower my volume of speech and echo the tones of my lover and best-friend-goddess. Or we may simply fall into wild embrace; or unattached slumb.

Different masks for different stages.

Being able to exhibit a wide range of unique emotions, tones, behaviors, nutritional choices, opinions, and expressions of being - dependent on context.

Whatever I am faced with, the question of intelligence is then:

Can I play a game of entertaining this, in a myriad of perspectives, before feeling my way into some "chosen" action, with trust?!

I wish to garbage the idiocy of "Which point of view is the correct one?".

Instead, the chance to honor whatever is transpiring, with eyes of affirmation, even gratitude!

Because perhaps there is no "correct" way, just different ones.

Infinitely unique vantage points, continually provisional understandings, and constantly fluxing manifestations of the interconnected it that breathes us.


"The man who never alters his opinions is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind."

- William Blake