Decided to go back to the ButterMoCandy (11/11/20)

One of the places we had wandered to in Nevada on the way home was a wayyy-off-the-beaten-path "ghosttown" that actually had people living there too (about ten of them). A place called Unionville. Have you heard of it? It was dreamy. Maybe it was the snowiness combined with a quietness of which I don't think I have ever experienced quite like that. We got out of the car and bopped around in and out of a particular ghost house that I guess was inhabited by Mark Twain before he changed his name to Mark Twain. There were also a few homes that looked as if they could be in a Country Living spread. All of it was just serenely beautiful --- further inspiration to get a little more out there, wherever that happens to be.

Stopping in North Lake Tahoe at Kings Beach proved to lead us one thing to another and then into the lake, navigating small rocks or just hiking through the wet sand shin-deep. It was cold in the water but the climb up the boulders on the bank which were covered in snow was colder, and quickly my I-think-literally frozen feet were stepping across the parking lot gravel to the car. Fortunate to have a heat-system in that CRV. Fortunate also to be able to walk with the crew and play and scamp around. Another one of this-is-what-it-may-really-be-about kind of things.

When we did get back to Sacramento, and back to the ButterMoCandy, we splayed and played micro-machines all over everywhere, made delicious snacks, and slept in our Kinger.