Dart Lay

Can you master breath, even during wild action?

Z: Lay on grass or dirt or anywhere, breathing just through the nostrils until it all seems so easy, and peaceful.

E: Then pop up and Dart to the top of a nearby hill or anywhere.

N: Revel in being as you taper into a soft stroll; notice the aura of anything.

S: Return unrushed, to lay spot.

O: Repeat. Dart, Lay... for as long as desired.



Life is complicated enough, so if you notice that you're panting through the mouth like a goddamn exhausted mess, then sprint less far, while maintaining an easier breathing (through the nose only).

Let's you and I learn to live perhaps lighter. "Lightly Shobagenzo, lightly..."


A Butter Disclaimer:

I would do any number of things that count as "warming up" before playing Dart Lay. If you do pull a hamstring, or if something else you deem "not good" happens, then remember it's you doing this, not me (and not your mom or some other seemingly blamable person). In a similar but different vein, if you become quite adept at dashing - and also quite beautiful in figure from doing it in a somewhat "regular" fashion - then I also had nothing to do with this.

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