What, Why, How?

Here is an of-the-moment definition [back whenever the cinnamon I wrote this]...



Essentially the damn far-out improbability and genius of being.

And acting from this place of jackedness; at least when we remember not to forget.

A celebration.


And some extra nonny words from brainbutter:

“I feel so lucky to have expressibility, imagination, spunkiness - to have this bodymind to wiggle and spurt, or roll, or lay, to do whatever it be, so lucky in fact that it just seems appropriate to fire this human-animal-god-wile to its capabilities regularly, and do the doing wildly and with an energy of appreciation and wonder.

"I do not want to forget I do not want to lose what I may call here options of being. And who knows: by playing with a great deal of curiosity, and gratitude, slow or fast, quiet or loud, either solitudinously so (in the vast "marriage" of existence) or together with a bunch of players each just doing our thang.

"In this space abilities may grow, sensations may emerge, and dreamy inventions may sprout;

"but these learnings these ridiculous gifts, mere byproducts of or siblings to that basic feeling of this-is-fucking-great.

"Human action, primal function, I mean basic mammalian happening... seems to be worth itself in wine I mean time. Available for celebration (I think rather than waste).

"Do not be ignorant David Butterworth of what you have in you as a cosmic animalord schmuck, be it with fervor and adaptability; explore what it means to be dancy and vast, spontaneously - but also as it can be built into these days until death to explore novelty, ranginess, and strange, yet simple and stimulative, pleasure(s).

"What do you mean??? Look, can I move in ways more still to come?! Can I jump, bound, spring, sprint?! Can I squatitate or extensiate or lay like a goddamn poet buddha mystery muzraw?! Notice. Can I press or chuck or heave or toss?! Can I lift something dense from the earth and set it down as if kissing it back?! Can I carry a bell or a Brix or a TFL across the land, or they me - and can we laugh?! Feel. Can we feel?! Can we hike or hang or dip or pull?! Or crawl?! Can we eat it like it eats us?!?!

"What can I do that I don't want to lose because it feels so good to do just such!?

"What is a new way still?!

"There gotta be six or sixty-nine (or a few) basic movement 'patterns', I dream about them and they dream about me - what are they??! Can I tap tap tap tap tap tap into them, so as to espouse them... to enjoy them... to make love with them?!"

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