apothecary and butter in pan

I often think of myself (my self?)

as a mad scientist.

Have since I was six or seven.

Mad like passionate and

mad like unknowing ---

The fancy of channeling

energies of curious discoveries

into a kind of shop

an apothecary

where people join me here

is near;

although it seems to me

a shot in the dark

to help someone

or even myself.

I know about some herbs

and spices, and power house foods.

I know about them in the sense

that I've experimented with

and read about, and

lived through them.

And here we are tangled

in webs of factors so complex

so infinitely a mystery

histories unique yet intertwined,

reflexes abound.

I can say this or that

offer options

air spunk,

and then what?

From impulse

or otherwise manifest

as verbal or written spew

to dancing about,

it is... as us be now

this / going along

every way new

the great wide "?"

whether thought so or not