A hill, a bit of thrill, and some chill

i have this idea. A big truck might help, although the trusty 4Runner may suffice. Hills are included, and wonderfully so. It's quite simple, i suppose.

We pick a day and a time and a beautiful location which ascends to a view.


The Simple Hill Complex

Do some gob or rack squats at the bottom, or some deadlifts with a loaded bar or some kind of weight like a boulder. Sprint or climb to the top. Mosey with unhurried pleasure to the base. Repeat if you like.


The number of reps or the distance up or the amount of time coming down the hill before going again, might be entirely arbitrary (or at least personally based on your story / history).

If active, able, and ready, it may go something like:

* 10 to 40 seconds of output (squats or deadlifts + hill ascension)

* Three to six minutes of recovery (strolling down the hill and resting)

* Go again

Practically outlined, this might mean ripping a deadlift, maybe two, then sprinting a shortish, medium-sloped hill that takes about twenty seconds to climb, for a total "set" time of about 33 seconds. Or something like that; before going back to the base of the hill [relaxingly], replenishing power stores [totally], etc.


The deadlift or squat weight ought to be relatively heavy, the movements themselves though capable of being done with spunk. Challenging yet fun.

The sprint or climb ought to be enjoyed with the full energy of being. Energized but without extraneous effort.

The rest period after the "complex" ought to be such that breath rate can be brought back to a calm easiness, as if not even breathing.


i base this protocol largely on this meta-analysis of over seventy scientific studies, which looked at three types of training (Sprint Interval Training (SIT), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training ("cardio")) to see which might lead to the most fat loss.

Not that i subscribe to the notion that you can outwork a shitty diet - or make up for a shitty life by doing a bunch of additional work. Not at all, actually; the notion of reducing or eliminating disfunction by loading it with strenuous activity is just silly.

Really, "exercise" the way most people do it is plain unhealthy, unnecessary, and/or a waste of precious time (often simply stressful, repetitive slop on top of an already stressful, boring existence).


i guess the reality (my reality tunnel) is i abhor jogging along with everything it stands for, yet rather enjoy sprinting.

So luckily i found something "sciency" to confirm my affinity for a handful of max or near max outbursts followed by comparatively long rests and a total training time that is 1/3 of what a lot of clowns [i mean coaches] with stop watches recommend (hence that linked "meta-analysis").


Speaking of fitness, my view of the moment is that if you are metabolically robust (that is: functioning at a high level in terms of cellular energy) through eating well and living in a low-stress, highly-engaging environment for a greater part of most days, then, perhaps ironically, "working out" is totally irrelevant - although perhaps a fun thing to do.

Here's another way to say it: If and only if you are healthy, then by all all means move some heavy shit and fly around - if you like to.

In that vein - enjoyment - i find reasons and ways to visit hills, while enjoying those other things i dig too (lifting and dashing).

Every once in a while this kind of thing transpires (like every two weeks, roughly).

So... feel free to come! Donations in the form of Venmo, cash, or locally sourced and polyunsaturated-fat-free delectables are welcome (however not required).



Do not hold me responsible for anything of joy or disaster that happens. Do not hold anyone close to me responsible for anything of joy or disaster that happens. Do not hold anything in your mind or pocket that will keep you from the felt experience of what happens here. We are this and it is happening now. Thanks.

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