A Fitness Dip

I'm so much closer to real fitness when I leap up to a bar and hang, a felt grip and the world turning before me, thoughts ablaze as they quietly give way to the tune of birds and rustling leaves. This is so different than listening to a jackass with a whistle or chart, inside a box, where someone orders and someone obeys being much nearer the death of every brain cell involved than fitness. So I choose the dip into a pool of nature, and the "programming" of experimentation, wonder, and sensation.

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Some Recent Exploration(s), 8/25/20

A kind of stream of consciousness of some recent Zenso happenings and/or musings (documented for the hell of it). What I am exploring is like three things but the things don't matter, it's more about

Yin Yin Yin Yin Yin Yang

An intervalistic, philosophical underpinning of "RunWild": I want to urge you to wait, even if you think it's time to do your next sprint (or your next lift), to wait even longer, until you are easily

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