hotel motel holiday inn[ing] (11/9/20)

I woke up thinking about the man-made, commercially-driven shit being thrown every which way in the environment, and ultimately directed - or firehosed - in the direction of people who are generally messaged to feel inadequate unless they buy product T or food M or... .

It can be really hard (understatedly), to say no, and to craft confidence alternate to the barrage of crap being shuttled into our lives on a daily basis - especially if we live in a big city with lots of robot inhabitants and with others who have been indoctrinated to gobble up whatever they're told by systems that don't give a good god damn about our living robustly.

From granola bars made with polyunsaturated, cellular toxic oils, to commercials on the TV or down the road that aim literally to make us want to buy more of someone's product ($$$), to many other examples which for the sake of curtailing this session of venting I will not name, the stuff out there that is not biologically supportive is seemingly endless; it plays to be building more and more strength of discernment.

I just think about our family, about our boy, and about any other(s) we may have as part of the clan. I think about our chances to play and live lives that are filled with exploration and adventure, and filled with abilities to do lots and lots and lots of whatever! (rather than thwarted by things that limit our ability to function with energy)

That if we can have fun playing the game of "What is happening here?", and "What can we do?", or "What are some options here for navigating?", and "How can we make sense of this?"... that if we can even imagine that we're filled with the strength to take into us and be in ways that give us resources of energy, then what a fortune!

Okay, switching gears for a few words:

"Zenso" experimentalism appeared yesterday as

*** ripping some pullups on a thin piece of welded metal support beam in the hotel stairwell

*** "bridgers" (bridge elevators) in the morning before we left for South Jordan, with Brix hopping on as a "passenger" before the fun was done

*** lots of carries up and down the six flights of stairs at the Holiday Inn

*** snow!!! and sprinting through the falling winter freezies in the street in front of the Ogden place

*** ripping some dips on the pool getter-outer-thing after some fun swim action

*** romping down the hallway on the sixth floor

Generally, I am so into being able to play pillow schopp / bop with Shalin and with Brix, and to be able to run around and play and be. Grateful.

The trip continues. I love that we get to share in conversations, in life, in playing with ideas and in curiously experimenting. The experience which I don't want to forget is ever now, is, it seems to me, as I write here, remarkable and beyond words wonderful.

Off to... ?


Oh!!!, also frozen "bday" drinks at Dutch Brothers, Mexi Cokes, chocolate chips, honey, and the newest jar of home-made mouthwash.

'boobop snowing stree hop Ogden':