The Strength Playground

Unbox your strength and train from the Original Grotto Menu at the Butterworth Grounds using any or none of the apparatuses (toys) available, including a roving strength pro for personal instruction / guidance if wished. This is like semi-private personal training; or an open gym (but not a gym).

Open Wednesdays 4 - 7pm.


"Jogging" is grossly overpromoted and without grounds! Maybe if you wish to bang up the bones and rattle the brain. But strolling through the city and dancing about the hills? What a difference to be able to espouse more spritely, lower durationed bouts of essential, voluptuous power!

On the first Monday evening of each month. Destination always fresh (TBA).

River Walk

This is a "Phones On Airplane Mode" walk  along beautiful Downtown Sac's "River Walk", culminating with a Happy Hour at the Delta King Hotel bar. Expect breathless views but not breathless behavior, and stimulative existence along the river.


Every Second Thursday of each month, 4:30 - 6:30pm. 


On the beach for strength work that feels like play. Sand sprints to the music of a gentle breeze, driftwood slamming with laughter, leaping over logs and wildball - just some of the primal behavior yielding beautiful, robust butts and dynamic humanness, on a Sunday filled with bliss and strength. Cheese, fruit, and dessert wine afterword amidst crashing waves and endless views.

Every Fourth Sunday of each month, 11am. Jenner, CA.

Sexy Trees

This amounts to a whimsical yet effective get-together under giant pines and rolling, grassy terrain to Whap! And by "whap" we're talking a hard dive in to the sheer animal pleasure... of being. An imposition of just the right demands for peaceful existence with hot, powerful bodies in motion, enter East Portal Park in East Sac for sizzling adaptations under precepts (and trees) you might not have imagined.

Every so often (check schedule for dates) from 5 - 6pm.

Get Your Own Personal 12-week Zenso Playbook

You make it known what you're looking for (and why). Then a 12-week training book will be drafted and you'll get one private session to go over "exercises" and iron out details. Additionally, unlimited phone / text support is yours during the twelve weeks. 

Contact Butter now (530) 400-2152 to make this happen for you.

Special Zenso Events

Strong Moves. And Tacos.

A blend of sexy strength movements and dynamic energy, this is a thoughtfully designed approach to athletic development, and an every-time-different dip into the magic of meditative yet powerful expression, before a hop, skip, and jump to La Cosecha (also in the park) for conversation over tequila and tacos - and a margarita.


Third Thursdays, starting in May.

4:30 PM check-in. At La Cosecha,

Cesar Chavez Park,

Downtown Sacramento, CA.

Reserve spot. Space is limited.

Beautiful Bodies. And Brunch.

It just feels good to start the month like this. BB&B is an igniter to brain and body, an imposing of specific demands for building beautiful (and powerful) bodies, and a celebration of movement expression before Bloody Mary’s, a breakfast entree, and coffee amidst the comfort of La Cosecha in Downtown Sac.


First Sundays, starting in May.

10:00 AM gather. Space is limited.

Sign up Immediately.