By Zenso

Nobody knows the absolute truth and the world is constantly changing. We are all different forms, manifestations, pulsations, energetic aspects... of it

At once earthly and cosmic (and comical?); definitely slippery.


Verbs or something.

Or so it seems to me from here, as the sun peeks through the trees. 

Join us (or don't) in what William James once called "the blooming, buzzing, confusion."

Every third Thursday

@ the Arboretum dream stone

UC Davis, CA


We'll play meditation somehow in the elements, then share with / listen to each other openly, "enso" style (in a circle), before an orgy ensues and everyone goes their separate way(s). Orgy doesn't necessarily imply anything that offends your personal boundaries or tastes (in other words: go have sex when you get home), but rather is to suggest that wildly you may feel free to go do life however you damn well please. 

More details:

No one cares how many awards you won when you were in your twenties and no one cares how much square footage you live in. No one cares if you care to try to illuminate on the deepest, darkest, shadowy parts of your "self". No one cares what pants you're wearing or who you ate lunch with.

And when I say "no one cares", what I mean is that we all care enough not to judge, not to label, and to let this be a space of acceptance, appreciation, and humor (as in: infinitely many and ever-changing perspectives). It's an exploration in letting, listening, and I guess whatever else transpires somewhat naturally (which seems tricky yet doable). 

It is from the above guiding ideas, and on the ground of equality and connection, that "Enso" will, we imagine, flow its course - with the additional comment that as new knowledge or insight becomes available, things may certainly evolve.