By Zenso

I could try descriptors like "wild", "dialogical", or "progressive", etc. or I could write words such as Mobility, Strength, Humor, Connection, but really I have no idea what it is to you ladies who bring with you the spunk and intelligence of the universe, who together with “I” [we] make up this space for whatever the hell may as a kind of organic transpiration flood our community of beautiful misfits, misanthropists, moguls, social butterflies, and earth lovers with flavor and a chance for habitual, general celebration. With nature. And cocktails! Dynamosa? Training for the life that isn’t boring + other intangibles.


Yes, I have a long history of leading small or large groups of personality-filled individuals who want fun... and fine, usable asses - in the same context. I’m basically adept at suggesting and creating opportunities for experience, which eventuate cool things like learning, personal growth, insight, ability, spriteliness, good looking bodies, and sexy thinking.

“The attempt to steer a person can make it hard for them to move, because it inactivates their own guidance system.” I will mostly support from such a view, however if I perceive haphazard, sloppy, or otherwise exhaustive behavior in the form of mechanical over trying or over breathing, then I may ask you to chill, while considering alternative modes of action in the name of better living and real fitness. Playful expressivity or curious engagement, might be decent measures of health here. Or go how you want because the walls are down!





Guided twice-a-week explorations 

Wednesdays & Fridays 5 PM

Meetups at "The Pond"

Primary language used: energy

Cost per month is $163.13


Virtual (phone, text, email) support

is included, if wanted. 


If you want to see “testimonials” from over the years (although at some point I stopped asking for them), read them here.


Any questions: Butter@PlayZenso.com