Look, am i someone with extraordinary ability? Am i someone with extraordinary health? Probably not. Maybe i am just a bundle of electrons and cells and ???... something that will never ever be the same "form" as it was even five seconds ago. Most of the time i call whatever this is that's happening, Zenso.


Although i play writer and strength coach among other roles like husband to gorgeous, sweet wife and dad to energy-and-curiosity-filled boy, really i consider myself to be a mad scientist which was what i dreamed of when i was six or seven, i can't remember - don't wake me up. Sometimes i play wayyy too seriously; or perhaps just it, in whatever which way, plays "me" (David Butterworth). Regardless, this is it. Let's explore what's happening and likely never step in the same river twice. 


My history appears to be rich with crazy creatures like me who have no real idea about anything, but still wish to attend to the process and exhibit passion while building fine, usable bodies (and dancing with the earth). Outcomes like personal growth, insight, ability, vibrancy, robust living, and sexy thinking may end up being part of the deal. And- spoiler alert- none of this has anything to do with "cardio".

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