Here we are.

I write fitness commentary and antigym poetry, and I conjure up strength ideas that I'd rather call play than work (check out the blog). I also guide experience for individuals who want something more thoughtful, more wild; or just more personal. 

Look, I’m not someone with extraordinary athletic ability. I’m not someone with extraordinary health. I am just an ordinary guy who wants to have an extraordinary time. Most of the time I call this Zenso.

My history is rich with crazy creatures like me who have no fix-all solution(s) but still wish to attend to the process and have fun... while building fine, usable asses (and dancing with the earth). Outcomes like personal growth, insight, ability, vibrant health, robust living, and sexy thinking may end up being part of the deal. And for hell's sake, none of this has anything to do with "cardio".

Zen? So the only zen you'll find here is what you come with - so quit looking.


Yolanda Faye

San Francisco

David Butterworth has been a motivational and healthy addition to my life. Butter and I have had various training sessions together; Run Wild, Private Training, Testing online training and I have to say it has all been an incredible experience. Butter takes you as you are: mind, body, and soul and helps you be YOU! And at the end of the day that’s exactly what we each need. Thank you Butter!

Samantha Richards

San Francisco

I trained with Butter for 4 months (unfortunately had to stop when I moved for a job) however, it was the first time I could actually see results in my body. Not only did I see the physical changes but I felt better, more energized and by far much stronger! Training with Butter changed more than just my physical appearance, I learned to love getting up early and accomplishing so much before the rest of the world was awake! Even now, eight months post move, I have yet to have a similar training experience.

Alyssa Soto


Training with David, I felt I finally had the ability to tap into my inner athlete as he introduced me to a more dynamic way of training. The diversity of his training sessions coupled with his energy of presence allows you to get to know yourself every session and excel at whatever it is. Above all, it’s his positive direction and genuineness to see you for who you are that sets David apart from any other “trainer”.

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